MV Skintherapy Signature Mineral Mask Box Set 皇牌法國白泥面膜組合


- 皇牌法國白泥面膜 Signature Mineral Mask 100g
- 面膜碗 Mask Bowl x1
- 面膜刷 Mask Brush x1

想錫自己肌膚多啲?可以試試這款屢獲殊榮的Signature Mineral Mask,讓您在家中都能做Facial!它可以幫助降紅和令膚色變得更均勻。這種舒緩、強化的面膜是一年四季必備的保養品。

Give yourself a mini facial at home with this award winning mask. A game changer when it comes to reducing redness and evening out skin tone, this soothing, strengthening and refining mask is a perfect skin pick-me-up.

    • 1/ 使用MV面膜掃把2茶匙清水與面膜攪勻,讓面膜呈現乳液狀態。您可添加3滴您最喜愛的MV Skin Booster,再配合MV面膜掃塗抹於面部和頸部,然後靜待7-10分鐘。 當面膜仍然微濕時,再用溫水和毛巾或洗面機洗去面膜。
      Using the MV Mask Brush, mix 2 teaspoons to a smooth creamy consistency with spring or filter water. To customize this mask, you may now add 3 drops of your favourite MV Skin Booster. Apply to face and neck with the MV Mask Brush and relax for 7–10 mins. While mask is still slightly damp remove with warm water and a muslin cloth or face washer.

      2/ 切勿讓面膜完全乾透。太乾的面膜會吸收皮膚表面剩餘的水份,使皮膚感覺緊繃和缺水。
      Never let the mask dry completely. Most people do this at least once, but this final drying stage of the mask draws moisture from the surface of the skin, leaving the skin blotchy and feeling very tight and dehydrated.

      3/ 在清潔完臉部後使用效果會更佳。每週使用一至兩次,必須在面膜未乾透前清洗臉部。MV面膜碗和面膜掃是缺一不可的組合,有助於進行混合、清洗並易於塗抹。
      For best results use once or twice weekly after cleansing and always remove before completely dry. The MV Mask Blending Bowl and Mask Brush are essential mask accessories, allowing for no-fuss blending and clean and easy application.

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