MV Skintherapy Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser 玫瑰舒緩保護日霜


這款「神級」保濕霜注入了珍貴的保加利亞玫瑰精油,深受全球名人和化妝師的喜愛。 它超強保濕和舒緩配方非常適合敏感性肌膚,包括濕疹和玫瑰痤瘡。 MV 玫瑰舒緩保護日霜能有效針對所有皮膚類型而進行調節和修復。另外,您可將面霜與MV玫瑰保濕噴霧混合,為油性和混合性皮膚提供一款輕身的乳液。您亦可將幾滴您喜愛的MV 精華油混進保濕霜,從而更能強效地改善肌膚問題。

Infused with exquisite Bulgarian Rose oil, this ‘cult’ moisturiser is loved by celebrities and make-up artists across the globe. Its super-hydrating and soothing formula makes it ideal for extra-sensitive skins including eczema and rosacea. Highly versatile, this cream is easily customized for all skin types. Simply blend with MV’s Rose Hydrating Mist to create a light lotion for oily and combination skin or, to target specific concerns, blend with a few drops of your favourite MV Skin Booster.


  • 1/ 在清潔面部過後,用玫瑰保濕噴霧噴在臉上,然後在手心上塗抹半泵玫瑰舒緩保護日霜,按上皮膚、臉部和頸部。
    First cleanse, spritz with Rose Hydrating Mist, then spread half a pump of moisturiser over both palms and while the skin is still damp smooth over your face and neck.

    2/ 不要在臉部使用一個完整的泵。如果過多使用,會導致產品殘留在皮膚表面上,可能會抑制皮膚的功能或令皮膚負擔過重。
    Don't use one full pump for face application. If you continually use too much this will result in residual cream sitting on your skin, leaving you feeling greasy. It will also over-burden your skin and inhibit the skin’s normal functions.

    3/ 建議早上使用玫瑰舒緩保護日霜,晚上則使用MV 精華油來作肌底治療。
    Use in the day and a skin booster at night. Moisturisers are protective and we need protection through the day but at night, we need an oil-based treatment.

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