MV Skintherapy Signature Mineral Mask Ritual 法國白泥面膜療程套裝

Why You'll Love It
A fusion of skin loving therapy and nurturing self-care.

An opportunity to come dynamically back to present, and when infused with consciousness and inner stillness becomes an unforgettable and powerful ritual to return a clear complexion and an enviable glow. A wonderful mineral drink from the outside in, this award-winning mask made from the world's most refined white clay will soothe and soften to transform your skin in the most gentle way possible.

Created For
Softening, balancing, and refining skin tone. An inspiring way to express self-care through ritual.

每次兩茶匙 = 17次用量

2 tsp per use = 17 uses



高嶺土白泥 Superfine sun dried white French clay (Kaolin)

典型礦物成份 Typical Mineral Composition:

二氧化矽 Silica

鋁 Aluminium

Traces of 氧化鐵 Iron Oxide, 鈉 Sodium, 鉀 Potassium, Calcium and 鎂 Magnesium


~inhaling deeply~
Create a silky cream by combining our pure powdered mask with fresh spring water into the hand-crafted ceramic mixing cup.

Using feather soft brush strokes, glide this lush mask over the contours of your face.

Close your eyes - find inner stillness - and allow this mineral rich drink to soften and refine.

Finally, hold a soft and steamy compress cloth against your face to gently remove mask and reveal a glow-y new you.

Detailed instructions include in your kit.

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