MILK + HONEY Extra Strength Deodorant Nº 9 | Lavender + Tea Tree 天然特效止汗膏 | 薰衣草+茶樹



1/ 食品級蘇打粉:可天然中和氣味,並以細膩及無刺激性的幼沙來黏附汗水,而且是從地球(而非實驗室)中提煉出來

2/ 葛粉:安全地減少出由汗水引起的濕氣和黏立

3/ 有機椰子油:滋潤皮膚,消除異味

4/ 有機薰衣草油:鎮靜肌膚,撫平心靈

5/ 有機茶樹葉油:有助於自然消除引起異味的細菌

FRESH. This aluminum-free, extra-strength deodorant keeps you feeling (and smelling) fresh all day.


1/ FOOD-GRADE BAKING SODA:Neutralizes odor naturally and is mined from the earth — not from a lab — for a fine, non-irritating grit.

2/ ARROWROOT POWDER:Safely reduces wetness from sweating.

3/ ORGANIC COCONUT OIL:Hydrates the skin and fights odor.

4/ ORGANIC LAVENDER OIL:Calms skin and soothes the mind.

5/ ORGANIC TEA TREE LEAF OIL:Helps to eliminate odor-causing bacteria naturally.

  • 先按壓於腋下數秒以溫熱止汗膏,再均勻覆蓋皮膚表面即可,可根據需要重新使用。

    Warm deodorant by pressing against your underarm for a few seconds. Then, apply liberally to ensure full coverage. Reapply as necessary.

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