May Lindstrom Treatment Bowl 魔碗

魔碗是 May Lindstrom 特意找來當地陶瓷工匠設計及製作的碗具,專為調配 Problem Solver 黑武士面膜粉或 Clean Dirt 星塵磨砂粉而設,其獨特的桶腹形狀,有助在處理配方的過程中減少空氣中的粉末,更容易把 Problem Solver 及 Clean Dirt 攪拌至慕斯狀態,給予肌膚魔法般的體驗!

Our artisan-crafted bowl features a unique barrel-bellied shape to lessen airborne powder during the activation process of our treatment formulas, minimizing mess and allowing for ease in reaching a mousse-like state for The Problem Solver and The Clean Dirt.

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