Max & Me You Are The Medicine 治癒之願。美肌粉

- 400ml / 13.51fl. oz

集合喜馬拉雅粉晶岩鹽、維他命 C 和繁花能量,這款多功能的粉紅美肌粉能溫柔地治癒身心,讓你從各種情緒壓力中放鬆,重拾健康平衡,從內到外綻放活力光芒。

品牌特意採選千葉蓍草、安息香及藍艾菊,三種經蒸餾過程會呈現靛藍光環的草本植物,以其療癒能量讓肌膚進行自我修復,為過敏炎症提供魔法解藥;喜馬拉雅粉晶岩鹽能保濕礦化肌膚,幫助排毒過程,改善肌肉酸痛;維他命 C 有強效的抗氧功能,促進膠原蛋白增生,解除因紫外線、空氣污染等日常侵害而引發的肌膚問題,帶來細緻飽滿、柔嫩明亮的原生美肌。 

A magical face & body mask and a fragrant bath powder in one.This pink powdery Bath Mask – additionally charged with Himalayan Crystal Salts, Vitamin C and an indescribably beautiful aromatic bouquet - is lovingly showing you your way back into your most fulfilling form.

Specifically picked for their blue aura, Yarrow, Benzoe Siam and Blue Tansy ignite self-healing. Himalayan Crystal salt mineralizes skin, improves aching muscles, levels up skin hydration and boosts detoxification together with the beautiful Rose Clay. Vitamin C, as the potent antioxidant it is, boosting collagen and elastin, helps to offset daily aggressors like UV damage and exposure to air pollution, bringing in brightness and smoothness, plumpness and tone.

  • - 奧地利手製 Handmade in Austria

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