Max & Me - Facial Cloth 冰島觸感。潔面巾

- 1 pcs



the softest touch, the fondest embrace.

the most beautiful, impactful texture ever seen in a face cloth. This exceptionally fine cloth for daily cleansing is tender beyond imagination, embracing your skin, caressing it softly while boosting microcirculation and giving it exfoliating benefits. Algae from clear, pristine fjords of Iceland. Algae activate and support the cellular detoxification process. Their high level of vital minerals and antioxidants helps protect your skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Organic Linen has the highest vibrations of all natural textiles. The linen used to make the max and me cloth is derived from monitored organic cultivation. The fabric is manufactured using purely natural methods in an Austrian linen- weaving mill. 

  • 1/ 使用前,只需用溫水潤濕細布,然後讓它在皮膚上按摩,可配合同品牌的「月亮之力」卸妝油及「太陽琥珀」沖洗面膜,用面布沖洗並重複按摩,直到皮膚感到完全清潔。
    Simply moist this fine cloth with warm water, then let it dance on your skin, gently sweep-ing off the facial oil cleanser “purity & grace” or “mask & wash”, rinse and repeat until the skin is beautifully cleansed.

    2/ 使用後,用溫水洗淨並風乾。
    After use, wash in warm water and air-dry.

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