Lina Hanson Global Calm 寶寶/敏感肌修護精華

- 50ml

Lina Hanson

This multipurpose blend of the most nourishing and soothing globally sourced oils is ideal for sensitive and delicate skin. It does not contain any essential oils.


  • 嬰兒/小朋友:

    1/ 在手心溫熱修護精華,輕輕地在嬰兒身上按摩

    Warm oil between hands and gently massage into baby's skin.

    2/ 可在洗澡時加入浴盤中增加保濕效力

    Add to bath water to moisturize and soften.

    3/ 同時適合嬰兒脂漏性皮膚炎

    Suitable for cradle cap.



    1/ 可用作潔膚油,能有效去除面部污垢及化妝品而不會帶走肌膚自身油份

    As a face cleansing oil and makeup remover, add a pump of serum to a cotton pad to remove makeup.

    2/ 能代替日用面霜,迅間吸收不油膩

    As a moisturizer, apply one pump morning and night to dry or damp skin.

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