Kjaer Weis The Toner 蜜蜂花爽膚水

- 100ml

Kjaer Weis 蜜蜂花爽膚水是有機配方的補濕精華,能有效恢復肌膚的最佳pH值,並利用山藥根來提升皮膚的光澤度。 它還可以淨化和鎮靜你的皮膚,讓皮膚能夠強效保濕並吸收當中必要的營養素。

An organically formulated essence for restoring your skin’s optimal pH, heightened with the glow-boosting power of the Discorea Batatas root. It’s also made to purify and calm your complexion, leaving it ready to receive hydration and essential nutrients.

  • 1/ 噴灑在手上或化妝棉上
    Spray into hands or onto a reusable cotton round

    2/ 輕拍皮膚,使皮膚平靜及輕微滋潤肌膚
    Pat onto skin to calm, rebalance and lightly hydrate skin

    3/ 建議配合同牌子的「黃金山藥妝前油」,以強化肌膚必需的營養,令皮膚保持光澤和濕潤
    Follow with The Beautiful Oil to fortify skin with essential nutrients, radiance and long-lasting hydration

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