Kjaer Weis The Cleanser Refills 金盞花卸妝潔面啫喱 [補充裝]

- 100ml

Kjaer Weis The Cleanser 金盞花卸妝潔面啫喱是款柔軟的凝膠狀潔面乳,可有效去除角質和全日的妝容,亦能有效保護皮膚的水油平衡。當中有機冷榨精油和天然鎮靜植物精華使您的膚質柔軟,容光煥發。

This soft, gel-like cleanser effectively removes impurities and long-wear makeup, gently and with minimal disruption to skin’s hydrolipid barrier. Organic, cold-pressed oils and naturally calming plant extracts leave your complexion soft and radiant looking.

  • 1/ 將幾滴水倒入手掌,輕輕按摩你乾淨的臉部
    Pump a few drops into your palms and gently massage onto a dry face

    2/ 用溫水沖洗或用溫暖的毛巾擦拭
    Rinse with warm water or remove with a warm washcloth

    3/ 建議配合同牌子的「蜜蜂花爽膚水」,有助煥膚及均衡膚色
    Tip: Follow up with The Toner for a fresh, glowing, balanced complexion

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