Kjaer Weis The Cheek Collective 三色光影胭脂組合

多功能Palette 塑造自然立體修容術~ 平日化妝只會上粉底胭脂?如果想修飾整體輪廓,就絕對不能忽略修容! 修容術其實不難掌握,只要緊記口訣: 「用光影將過凹部位打亮,用陰影將過凸出部位遮掩」,即可塑造更立體細緻妝感,更可達致瘦面效果。一盒三色光影胭脂組合就能做到提升面色及修容,同時亦可作眼影及唇膏之用,而且輕巧便攜,出街補妝都十分方便。

✦ 集合彩妝及修容於一身,輕鬆打造層次豐富的立體妝容
✦ 奶油狀質感絲滑易推,可隨喜好疊加塗擦以達至理想色澤
✦ 有機認證護膚配方:
    玫瑰果油 (抗氧保濕)、甜杏仁油 (提升肌膚彈性)、梔子花萃取 (打擊自由基)
✦ 三種款式包含最受歡迎及最新色號,適合用家不同喜好



➀ Happy 復古普普 - warm berry luminosity

  • Effervescence - Deep burgundy深酒紅色 
  • Happy - Vibrant pink 鮮豔粉紅
  • Flourish - Warm rose gold 暖玫瑰金

Blossoming 甜美粉紅 fresh rosey radiance

  • Gilded - Bronzy gold 古銅金色
  • Blossoming - Soft pink with rosy hue 淡粉玫瑰
  • Radiance - Cool silvery-pearl 珍珠銀白

➂ Sun Touched 陽光暖金 - sun-kissed summer glow

  • Delight - Warm champagne 溫暖香檳
  • Sun Touched - Soft coral 溫粉橙色
  • Spirit - Dusty rose pink 乾枯玫瑰


✧ 因為光影胭脂屬於cream狀,建議先上完粉底,再用胭脂粉底兩用掃將胭脂混合blend開,最後先用碎粉定妝,整體妝感會最自然
✧ 光影可以用指尖輕輕搽喺額頭、鼻樑、顴骨、唇山同下巴位置,除了五官輪廓會即時變得立體,還可以讓整個妝容顯得更有光澤

Our limited edition, make-up-artist-curated combination of blush and highlighter essentials inspired by summer light and colors. The best-selling, award-winning Certified Organic cream formulas can be effortlessly applied to create sun-kissed cheeks, a natural glow and an elegant bronze. The Cheek Collective holds some of Kjaer Weis’ most beloved shades but also adds new, exclusive shades created by our founder Kirsten to be universally-flattering. The result is sophisticated shade combinations that are versatile and intuitive, allowing every person to make their own. 

The Cheek Collective is housed in a glossy red, leather-feel recyclable and compostable palette. Lightweight and easy to carry, made from textured recyclable paper. 

The Cheek Collective: Happy 復古普普 warm berry luminosity

  • Effervescence - Deep burgundy
  • Happy - Vibrant pink
  • Flourish - Warm rose gold

The Cheek Collective: Blossoming 甜美粉紅 fresh rosey radiance

  • Gilded - Bronzy gold
  • Blossoming - Soft pink with rosy hue
  • Radiance - Cool silvery-pearl

The Cheek Collective: Sun Touched 陽光暖金 sun-kissed summer glow

  • Delight - Warm champagne
  • Sun Touched - Soft coral
  • Spirit - Dusty rose pink

How to Apply

The Cheek Collective in Blossoming

Early Summer Glow

Pop Blossoming on the apples of the cheeks and use Radiance to highlight the cheekbones. 

The Perfected Cheek

Spill Gilded over the entire cheek, including cheekbones for an all over glow. Add Blossoming to apples of cheeks. Touch the highest points with Radiance to highlight. 

The Cheek Collective in Sun Touched 

All Over Golden Light

Start with Sun Touched spilled generously on the cheeks, followed by Delight on cheekbones. 

The Perfected Cheek

Blend Spirit into the hollows of the cheek as a low blush contour. Apply Sun Touched to cheeks, and finish by highlighting cheekbones with Delight. 

The Cheek Collective in Happy 

Ripe Pop of Color

Pop Happy on the apples of the cheeks using fingers, then dab Flourish on cheekbones and above brow in the shape of a C.

The Perfected Cheek

Blend Effervescence into the hollows of the cheek as a low blush, working it upward. Layer with a pop of Happy on the apples on the cheeks. Highlight and blend with Flourish. 

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