Kjaer Weis The Beautiful Oil 黃金山藥妝前油

- 30ml / 65ml

Kjaer Weis 利用冷榨方式來提煉出它們最矜貴和最暢銷的黃金山藥妝前油。當中的脂肪酸和抗氧化成份能深層滋養您的皮膚,並與一種以生物動力學生長的山藥塊莖結合,能夠加快皮膚癒合時間,而自古以來就因其癒合性和能量特性而備受珍視。 意大利的Kjaer Weis開發團隊致力監測成份的品質並擁有採集成份的專利。

Nourish your skin with fatty acids and antioxidants found in our cold-pressed oils, blended with Dioscorea Batatas, a biodynamically grown tuber has been prized since ancient times for its healing and energetic properties. Those qualities have been harnessed through a patented harvesting method by the Kjaer Weis development team in Italy.

  • 1/ 可作為白天或晚間的面部保濕霜,並是 Kjaer Weis 皇牌有機粉底霜的最佳妝前油
    Use night or day as a facial moisturizer, and as a primer for the Kjaer Weis Foundation.

    2/ 可以與身體護理互相結合,有效幫助減少陽光對皮膚的傷害及形成妊娠紋,促進整體皮膚的健康
    It can also be integrated with body care, an effective aid to reduce sun damage, stretch marks, and promote overall skin health.

    3/ 在使用 Kjaer Weis 粉底霜或胭脂前,先把護膚油塗抹到皮膚,等待 3-4 分鐘
    When using under Kjaer Weis Foundation or Cream Blush, wait 3-4 minutes for oil to absorb into skin before applying makeup.

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