Kjaer Weis Quadrant Refills 象限眼影四重奏 [補充裝]

Kjaer Weis第一個多色眼影盤!簡單而精心的四色配搭,讓您輕易駕御,締造出簡單而隆重的魅力眼妝。由通透清澈至飽和顯色,顏色一應俱全,而且每款觸感柔軟的眼影均注入了金銀花及梔子花等有機萃取,並以天然竹子和巴西棕櫚蠟打造無瑕調和。質地絲滑透薄的四色粉狀眼影,為您即時帶來立體明眸,有帶霧面的啞色大地,亦有帶珠光的神秘雅致,讓雙眼如沙漠中的星空閃爍。

Our first-ever curated eye collections. Simple, perfect, and expertly curated to create both minimal and high-impact looks. Builds from a sheer translucent wash of color to rich, saturated hues. Each soft to the touch color is infused with organic extracts like Honeysuckle and Gardenia and infused with natural Bamboo and Carnauba Wax for seamless blending. 

These tissue-thin, silky powder eye shadows transform, deepen, and shift with every layer, enveloping eyes in ethereal color. Some are sand-dune soft and matte. Some shimmer like a distant heat mirage, a blanket of stars in the vast desert sky. 


  • Wanderer:

    Angelic - 淺粉紅
    Grace - 淡摩卡
    Wisdom - 淡紫褐色
    Charmed - 百搭米色


    Divine - 中性,經典深灰
    Earthy Calm - 暖棕色
    Magnetic - 霧面棕金
    Cloud Nine - 珍珠象牙

    Wanderer carries four essential neutrals that combine into a lifetime of looks. Soft, matte and satin shades inspired by earthy, luminous sand-dunes.

    The four shades in Wanderer are:
    Angelic - Light pink
    Grace - Light mocha
    Wisdom - Mauve brown
    Charmed - Versatile beige

    Spellbound is full of night magic—infinite warm, smoky possibilities lay within it. Inspired by a distant heat mirage, a blanket of stars in the vast desert sky. 

    The four shades in Spellbound are:
    Divine - Neutral, classic grey
    Earthy Calm - Warm brown
    Magnetic - Brown gold
    Cloud Nine - Light ivory

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