Kjaer Weis Invisible Touch Liquid Foundation 水潤觸感粉底液

- 30ml

Kjaer Weis 團隊多年來被眾多客人要求推出天然有機的粉底液,經過長年研發後,猶如護膚精華質地的Kjaer Weis 水潤觸感粉底液正式面世!只需用少量,即可喚醒肌膚,讓肌膚充滿光澤神采,如再加多一點點份量,即可締造自然而富遮瑕力的妝感!水潤觸感粉底液薀含有機洋甘菊花水、透明質酸、多款輕盈的冷榨有機植物油,配合Kjaer Weis 獨家成份准山精華,令妝容更持久、更保濕!

Created after years of customer demand, Invisible Touch Liquid Foundation is a serum-like formula that builds from light to medium coverage. Use a little for a fresh-faced, luminous glow, add more for a natural-looking, medium coverage that smoothes, evens and perfects. It’s super-gentle on skin, and has a long-lasting, hydrating, comfortable wear, thanks to the addition of ingredients like Certified Organic Chamomile Water, Hyaluronic acid, a blend of cold press Oils and natural waxes and the Kjaer Weis-exclusive ingredient Dioscorea Batatas, known as the Root of Light. 

  • 每次使用前需將樽身搖匀。如想塑造輕盈素顏妝感,只需將 3-4滴放在手背,再用指尖、濕海棉或密頭化妝掃由面部中心開始向外推。如想達到更高遮瑕度,可額外添加 1-2滴份量在所需範圍。建議每次由少量開始,慢慢增加份量直至達到理想的遮瑕效果。如想妝容更持久,Kjaer Weis 創辦人 Kirsten 建議先為肌膚用上 Kjaer Weis The Beautiful Oil 黃金山藥妝前油作肌底準備!

    Always start by shaking the bottle well. For light coverage, apply 3-4 drops on the back of your hand, and apply with your fingertips, a damp sponge or a dense bristle brush. Start in the center of the face and work your way out to the hairline to build a light, smooth application.

    We always recommend starting with a light hand and building up to more coverage where needed. For added coverage, use an additional; 1 -2 more drops of foundation and gently blend and pat into those areas.

    Kirsten’s tip: Prepping your skin is the most important step for a flawless and long lasting look. I recommend applying a few drops of The Beautiful Oil, let them soak in for 5 minutes and then start Concealer or Foundation application.

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