Kjaer Weis Lipstick Refills 有機奢華唇膏 [補充裝]

Kjaer Weis 的有機奢華唇膏一推出便受到有機美容界的熱烈追捧!除了貫徹品牌華麗而環保的換芯系統包裝外,Kjaer Weis 有機奢華唇膏極度顯色而不油膩,以至少 95% 有機原材料打造,配合甜杏仁油、玫瑰果油及荷荷芭油等,滋潤雙唇同時減淡唇紋!


ADORE - 永恆的紅色,化妝必備
A deep, timeless red. This colour is a makeup kit must-have

HONOR - 淺粉紅底調的裸粉色
A well-balanced nude with pink undertones

EMPOWER - 暖粉紅色能立即提亮任何膚色
Instantly brighten any complexion with this universally flattering hot pink

BELIEVE - 經典的自然西梅色
A classic neutral plum

LOVE - 活潑、明亮的珊瑚色
A spirited, bright coral colour

KW RED - KW Red是受到Kjaer Weis經典紅色包裝的啟發而創造出來的深紅色
Inspired by our classic red packaging, KW Red defies trends and flatters all skin tones

AFFECTION - 像熟透了而漸漸褪色的覆盆子自然紅色
A faded raspberry

BRILLIANT - 帶有一絲絲杏色的溫暖裸色
A warm nude colour with a tinge of pretty apricot

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