Kjaer Weis IM-Possible Mascara 有機豐盈纖長睫毛液

打破不可能!Kjaer Weis 首枝榮獲COSMOS 有機認證的高效睫毛液誕生,揉合多種天然有機成份,以溫和配方塑造不思議豐盈纖長睫毛,同時具滋養及修復功效,配合多功能刷頭設計,一邊增加濃密豐盈感,另一邊營造纖長分明效果,簡單兩步讓您即時擁有立體迷人美睫!

溫和有機配方,榮獲歐洲COSMOS 有機驗證,掃出羽毛般濃密美睫
✦ 蘊含有機蜂蠟、巴西棕櫚蠟及塞伊耳相思樹膠 增厚並保護睫毛,濃密豐盈感Up
✦ 加入覆盆子水及向日葵籽油,有助修復及防止睫毛斷裂
✦ 多功能刷頭設計,兼具濃密豐盈、纖長分明效果
✦ 柔滑奶油質地不結塊,容易卸淨配方,適合每天使用

‣  平坦面:纖長分明效果

✧ 剛開封的睫毛液會比較濕,第一次請先用紙巾印走多餘睫毛液
✧ 要營造濃密捲翹及根根分明效果,可以先用彎曲面以 Z 字型手法於睫毛根部由下而上刷,完整包覆睫毛,再用平坦面將豐盈睫毛升級延長,於雙眼外角位置重點疊刷
✧ 下眼睫毛使用平坦面即可

Im-Possible Mascara is a Certified Organic breakthrough — a high-impact, long lasting, volumizing formula powered by nourishing ingredients that are organically farmed. The versatile brush features a curved side for endlessly buildable volume and a flat side for length, definition and detail. Lashes stay silky-soft and resilient all day— and authentic to the real you. Layer without limit for a remarkably dramatic effect that won’t smudge. 

Certified Organic and sustainably sourced Beeswax, Carnauba Wax and Acacia Gum create a creamy, no-clump texture for ultimate lift, volume, hold and seamless layering; Raspberry Fruit water helps repair and condition lashes; Sunflower Seed Oil helps stop breakage and stimulate healthy lash growth; Marula Oil nourishes and protects with antioxidants vitamin C and E. Easy to remove formula.


  • 1/ 先以刷頭彎曲面面向自己,從睫毛根部開始塗上睫毛液,營造豐盈效果

    2/ 轉向刷頭平坦一面,輕輕一掃,讓配方助您營造增長、分明、捲翹效果(使用刷頭抹端部分效果更好),睫毛底部部份亦可使用這一邊。

    Start with the curved side facing towards the user, and coats lashes from the base to create volume.

    Turn to the flat side and use the formula play time to extend lashes (specially in the outer corners), separate and add extra lift to the tips. For bottom lashes, use the flat side.

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