Kjaer Weis Collectors Kit 小紅盒

以全新方式帶著您心愛的 Kjaer Weis 化妝品出遊吧!「Kjaer Weis 小紅盒」由品牌最經典的純銀包裝演變而成,配合一面大鏡子,尤如您專屬的化妝寶盒,可以隨個人喜好配搭化妝盒的內容!

注:「Kjaer Weis 小紅盒」只屬單售,並不包含盒內化妝品

There’s a whole new way to travel with your favorite Kjær Weis makeup: the Collector’s Kit. An evolution of our iconic silver compacts, this special case is like a jewel box for your own personal palette of colors.

Collector’s Kit does not contain makeup product at purchase.

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