John Masters Organics Repair Conditioner for Damaged Hair with Honey & Hibiscus 蜂蜜和木槿護髮素(修復受損頭髮)

- 6 fl oz. 177ml 


John Masters Organics new and improved Repair Conditioner for Damaged Hair with Honey & Hibiscus is an intensive, silicone-free conditioner that repairs damaged, brittle hair. Organic honey coats strands in essential nutrients and draws in moisture, while organic hibiscus flower extract helps to repair and strengthen strands. This ultra-rich formula features an intensely nourishing blend of organic aloe and sunflower seed oil, plus nourishing shea butter, which work harmoniously to guard hair from future breakage and deeply condition.

Featured Ingredients

有機蜂蜜 - 為秀髮注入必要養分及所需水分
有機木槿及木槿花萃取物 - 可輕柔清除死皮與油垢 ,同時平衡頭皮上的天然油脂分泌
向日葵籽油 - 含脂肪酸,長期使用有助鎖水保濕

  • 1. 塗抹於清潔濕髮上,重點修護髮幹及髮尾 massage into clean, wet hair, focusing on the lengths and ends

    2. 等候1至3分鐘後沖洗 leave in for 1 to 3 minutes then rinse

    3. 如要加強修護效果,等候5分鐘或更長時間後再沖洗 for extreme damage follow with Repair Mask for Damaged Hair with Honey & Hibiscus

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