HAAN Hand Cream 天然保濕潤手霜

- 50ml

這個夏天就由這三款忌廉雪條為您滋潤雙手吧!內含豐富益生元超級食物,讓您的皮膚微生物群由內而外保持健康。採用 96% 天然成分製成,隨時隨地呵護雙手。

A hand cream collection inspired by creamy popsicles packed with all that prebiotic superfood your skin microflora needs to stay healthy from the inside out! Made with 96% natural origin ingredients, these three exclusive fragrances are here to nourish your skin wherever you go!

    • 取少量塗抹於皮膚,並輕輕按摩至吸收。

      Apply a small amount onto the skin and massage gently until absorbed.

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