HAAN Deodorant 益生元滾珠香體劑

- 40ml

西班牙製造,HAAN 益生元滾珠香體劑經敏感皮膚測試,能 24 小時長效保持清爽無味。蘊含 94% 天然成份及益生元,幫助平衡肌膚微生物群同時為皮膚補水。


❍ Purifying Verbena - 提神馬鞭草檸香
❍ Margarita Spirit - 明亮柑橘果香
❍ Morning Glory - 西柚綠茶花香

Tested on sensitive skin, this aluminum free Deodorant will give your armpit 24 hours of protection against bad odor. Made of 94% natural ingredientes and a prebiotic complex, it will also balance your skin’s microbiome while hydrating it.

  • 塗抹於潔淨皮膚上,覆蓋整個腋窩。待乾後穿上衣服。


    Apply on clean and dry skin, covering the entire armpit. Leave to dry before putting clothes on.

    For external use only.

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