HAAN Body Lotion 益生元滋潤身體乳

- 250ml

西班牙製造,HAAN 益生元滋潤身體乳蘊含 97% 天然成分,由豐富乳木果脂配合為益生菌提供養分的益生元,有助平衡肌膚微生物群,深層滋潤身體,重塑緊致彈性。


❍ Tales of Lotus - 東方花果香
❍ Forest Grace - 潔淨草木香
❍ Wild Orchid - 暖杏仁花香

Deeply nourish your body with this lotion that will leave your skin healthier, smoother and softer. It contains 97% of natural ingredients, Silanol firming and a prebiotic complex that will restore the balance of your skin’s microbiome. Its fresh fragrances inspired by spiritual symbols of exotic flora will connect your mind and body.

  • 泵取適量乳液於手中,按摩全身至完全吸收。僅供外用。避免接觸眼睛。

    Pump the lotion into hand and massage all over your body until absorbed. For external use only. Only use as directed. Avoid contact with eyes.

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