Grums Raw Expresso Face Scrub + Mask 特濃咖啡面部磨砂面膜

- 80ml

Grums 利用環保有機特濃咖啡渣,創造了既能磨砂又能滋潤的特濃咖啡面部磨砂面膜。100%不含致敏原、防腐劑、香料、色素,成份純正,是個溫和的面部磨砂,配合了乳木果油、蜂蠟、可可脂、咖啡渣等滋潤和保護肌膚,同時去除乾燥死皮,促進血液循環!為達到更佳滋潤效果,更可以用作面膜待15至20分鐘。

Grums Raw Espresso Face Scrub is a 2in1 face scrub and face mask, with recycled organic espresso coffee grounds. It is a mild face exfoliator with pure ingredients and 100% free of allergens, parabens, perfumes and colorants. For extra hydration and nourishment, you can leave it on for 15-20 minutes as a face mask.

  • 1/ 朝早或晚上使用;一星期一至兩次
    Use morning or evening, 1-2 times a week

    2/ 將少量產品在濕的臉上輕輕打圈按摩
    Massage a small amount on damp or wet face in gentle circular movements

    3/ 用暖水清洗乾淨,最後用冷水拍面
    Rinse thoroughly with temperate water and then a splash of cold water

    Avoid using any soap while rinsing, since this may remove the nourishing oils from the scrub and dry out your skin

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