GRESSA Illuminating Serum 珍珠光影精華

- 15ml


Accentuates and highlights with pearlized glow. Achieves sheer, natural-looking highlights with a luminous, shimmering finish.

GRESSA Healing ComplexTM is a proprietary powerhouse blend of carefully selected botanical extracts that care for your skin by providing it with overall balance, radiance and clarity. Minerals provide an illuminating effect natural finish.

  • 1/ 用前請先搖匀

    Shake well to ensure a perfect mix.

    2/ 將1-2滴珍珠光影精華滴於手心

    Drop 1-2 drops in the palm of your hand.

    3/ 迅速將珍珠光影精華溫和地拍在理想位置

    Rapidly spread the Illuminating Serum and gently pat onto desired areas.

    4/ 用以提高及提亮眉骨、顴骨及咀唇

    Use it to highlight and contour brow bones, cheeks, and Cupid's bow for a look that's refreshed and radiant.

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