LA FERVANCE Contour and Sculpting Kit 藍紋石緊緻按摩套裝

想體驗極上 La Fervance 23K金珍珠奢華面膜的功效?立即選購限定按摩組合,把 La Fervance 藍紋石緊緻按摩棒及刮痧板帶回家將黃金面膜的體驗昇華!

La Fervance 特別用上藍紋石 (Blue Sodalite) ,一種能鎮靜情緒及吸收放射電磁污染的天然石材,以打造獨一無二的刮痧板及按摩棒,配合黃金面膜一同按摩除了能立即做到緊緻塑顏外,亦能促進血液循環及疏通淋巴,有效去水腫,幫助收緊毛孔!

The La Fervance Contour and Sculpting Kit combines a Blue Sodalite Gua Sha stone and Blue Sodalite Gold Roller for maximum effect.

We created our La Fervance massage tools around the Blue Sodalite stone, as its a calming stone, bringing emotional balance, making it the ultimate relaxation tool when used in conjunction with the TransformActive textures and soothing fragrance of the Eclat Extraordinaire. It can calm the mind, enhances self-esteem, balances the metabolism, boost the immune system and combats radiation damage by soaking up electromagnetic smog. Benefits which are important during this health and “work from home” global pandemic. 


  • 先將La Fervance 23K金珍珠奢華面膜均勻塗於臉上,從內到外,下而上的方式輕輕地水平滾動/移動。





    First apply the Eclat to your face. Roll in upward, horizontal motions, working from your neck towards your forehead with light pressure. Roll the small end from the inner corner of your eye to temples.

    Best used in the evening before you sleep or applying makeup in the morning to aid puffiness and at the end of a long day.

    Additional Info: You may store your Blue Sodalite Roller and Gusha in the fridge to help keep puffiness at bay. The soothing effect of the chilled Blue Sodalite is an at-home, spa-level experience.

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