Biophile™ Root Bionic Refining Essence 牛蒡提亮緊膚水

- 60ml

這款高濃度的精華可迅速撫平、滋潤和調理皮膚,讓肌膚擁有像清晨露水的光澤。乳酸幹菌是一種獨特的聚羥基酸(PHA),當中含有抗氧化物和益生元活性,與白柳樹皮、透明質酸和Biophile專利研製的 ROOTS Biotic Broth™ 結合,使皮膚重現和再生,同時支持整個生物群系的健康(Biome Health)。每天使用使肌膚更富光澤,是打造自然光感肌的喚膚療法。建議在Bio-Shroom Serum前使用。

This concentrated refining essence instantly smoothes, hydrates and tones skin for a fresh, dewy glow. Lactobionic acid, a unique polyhydroxy acid (PHA) with antioxidant and prebiotic activity, is combined with willowbark, hyaluronic acid and our nutrient-rich ROOTS Biotic Broth for a next-generation treatment that resurfaces and regenerates skin while supporting overall biome health. Use daily for beautifully radiant skin. A radiance-boosting treatment for devitalized skin. The perfect prep for our serum.

pH 3.6-4.0  |  91 純植物製造(發酵製成)Bio Made (Fermentation-Derived) 

Certified Cruelty-free, Bio Made, and Gluten Free Skincare Products - Packaging Logos

  • 在潔面後,將兩至三泵Root Bionic Essence泵在綿花上,然後分別抹在面部、頸部及胸口位置。


    於早晚使用。建議在塗上 Bio-shroom Serum 和 Bio Barrier Oil 前使用。

    On clean skin, apply 2-3 pumps of essence onto a cotton pad and wipe over face, neck and décolleté.

    Pro tip: For a more hydrating feel, forgo the cotton and simply pat onto face, neck and décolleté.

    Use AM and PM. Best as a pre-treatment before the serum and oil.

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