Biophile™ Explorer Trio 三重奏試用套裝

Biophile Explorer Trio 三重奏套裝包含了biophile™ 全系列產品,是經由TSA認可的旅行尺寸。每種獨特的配方均在皮膚上協同一致地改善您的肌膚。跟著品牌的簡單護膚教學,您便會擁有biophile™ 的極致光茫!

A perfect introduction to the biophile system, in TSA-approved travel sizes. Biophile's unique formulas are designed to work in synergy with each other on the skin. Follow this easy regime for the ultimate biophile™ glow!

套裝內容 Includes:

root bionic refining essence 牛蒡提亮緊膚水 14ml

喚醒肌膚光澤的療法。在塗上Bio-shroom Serum前使用以達致最佳效果。A radiance-boosting treatment for devitalized skin. The perfect prep for our serum.

bio-shroom rejuvenating serum 靈芝活膚保濕精華 14ml

肌膚的終極食物。抗衰老之秘密 The ultimate skin food and age-defying rejuvenator.

bio barrier nourishing oil 發酵綠茶籽美肌油 14ml

一種能深層滋養肌膚底部的護膚油,可強韌和強化皮膚。是作為護膚最後一個步驟 「飽滿和封存」的效果。 A nourishing oil that strengthens and fortifies the skin. The last step for a “plump and seal” effect. 

Certified Cruelty-free, Vegan, and Gluten Free Skincare Products - Packaging Logos

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