Beneath Your Mask NOURISH Skin & Hair Serum 香茅滋潤雞尾酒

Beneath Your Mask 香茅滋潤雞尾酒是最多用途、最全效及溫和的肌膚和髮尾油。含極高維他命 B、C、E和脂肪酸,此全能性的精華油配方能迅速強化肌膚及髮絲彈性,改善因環境污染及壓力所造成的肌膚問題。清新提神的檸檬草、薰衣草及薄荷香味更能淨化心靈。

The most comprehensive serum ever created, this blend is extremely effective at balancing moisture levels & restoring elasticity to skin and hair while protecting them from environmental stressors. Supercharged with a potent cocktail of pure plant and essential oils, Nourish brings new life to skin and hair as it naturally heals imperfections and resolves underlying issues. The pure, transparent ingredients in this blend are naturally hydrating & contain vitamins b, c & e as well as anti-aging properties, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to repair skin and provide a dewy glow or penetrate hairs follicles and encourage growth. 


大麻籽油 Hemp Seed Oil
*紅花油 Safflower Oil*
玫瑰果籽油 Rosehip Seed Oil†
澳洲堅果油 Macadamia Nut Oil*
紅石榴籽油 Pomegranate Seed Oil*
苦楝油 Neem Oil*
檸檬草精油 Lemongrass Essential Oil*
薰衣草精油 Lavender Population Essential Oil**
茶樹精油 Tea Tree Essential Oil*
薄荷精油 Peppermint Essential Oil*
百里香精油 Thyme Essential Oil*
胡蘿蔔籽精油 Carrot Seed Essential Oil†
鼠尾草精油 Sage Essential Oil*
迷迭香精油 Rosemary Verbenone Essential Oil*
雪松木 Cedarwood*
雪松精油 Atlas Essential Oil

* 有機驗證 Certified Organic
** 有機 Organic
野生收成 Wild Harvested
§ 非基因改造植物來源 Non-Gmo Plant SourcedVegan

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