UMA Beauty Boosting Navel Therapy Oil 美肌昇華腹部按摩油

在阿育吠陀的傳統當中,肚臍(Nabhi)代表著生命的起源 — 在孩子出生前將母子聯繫,並成為他們身體之間輸送營養的樞紐。Nabhi Chikitsa(肚臍療法)的哲理告訴我們,人體的中心富含著極其多通往四肢的血管,所以這一直都是當作維持人類平衡的基礎。 正因肚臍有如此高的靜脈密度,因此身體便容易由這個通道吸收油份。而UMA新推出的肚臍精油(UMA’s Beauty Boosting Navel Therapy™ Oil),希望將這個歷史悠久的方法集中養育您身體最核心的地方。 

In Ayurvedic tradition, the navel (Nabhi) represents the origin of life, linking mother and child before birth and providing a hub for nutrients to flow between their bodies. The philosophy of Nabhi Chikitsa (navel therapy/treatment) tells us that the body’s center continues to serve as a foundation for balance in adulthood, because of its richness in blood vessels and pathways to the body’s extremities. Due to this high density of blood veins in the area, absorption of oils through the navel pathways is strongWith our newly launched Navel Oils, we bring this centuries-old focus on nurturing the body from its core to you.

1. 芥末油 Mustard Oil,
2. 印度楝樹 Neem Oil,
3. 檸檬精油 Lemon Oil,
4. 葡萄籽油 Grapeseed Oil,
5. Malkangini Oil,
6. 蓖麻籽油 Castor Oil,
7. 茶樹油 Tea Tree Oil,
8. 杏仁油 Almond Oil


UMABeauty Boosting Navel Therapy™ Oil採用了印度楝樹油(Neem oil),當肚臍吸收這種油後,皮膚便能恢復活力。印度楝樹油是一種強效而純淨的草本植物,與當中擁有深層保濕特性的芥末油相輔相成。茶樹油亦可增強以上功效,它不但能增強皮膚天然屏障,並能對抗色斑和暗瘡。

UMA’s Beauty Boosting Navel Therapy™ Oil reinvigorates skin from the body's center using neem oil, a potent and clarifying botanical, complemented by the deeply moisturizing properties of mustard oil. Their effects are bolstered by tea tree essential oil, which is believed to reinforce the skin’s natural barriers and fend off the impurities that lead to spots and breakouts. 

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