AYUNA VELO 6-in-1 Suprastratum Protection 益生菌絲絨防曬日霜

Size: 50 ml / 1.6 fl. oz.





UVB高防護 SPF 30 / UVA PA +++ / HE-VL / IR-A

海洋友好– –礦物物理防曬


61 配方屏障保護



防污染屏障 - 防止污染物和金屬(例如微細懸浮粒子,揮發性有機化合物或碳粒子)黏附於肌膚上

抗氧化屏障 - 可捕獲自由基,從而減慢因太陽輻射、吸煙或污染引起的細胞衰老

紫外線屏障 - 使用二氧化鈦 (TiO2)和氧化鋅 (ZnO),可提供均衡及完整的UVA / UVB保護

鎖水屏障 - 含海藻糖,此成份能抓住並維持水分子,加強和促進皮層結構形成來滋潤肌膚

醣脂屏障 - 含源自椰子油和果糖的醣脂,可促進液態晶體的形成,從而起到儲水作用,增強皮膚的脂質隔離層

微生物群屏障 - 益生菌發酵後,能促進有益微生物的存活之餘,更可針對有害微生物,並維持皮膚微生物群的平衡,從而促進皮膚健康

Everyday, any time of the year and during any activity, skin needs to live and breathe; veil it with VELO, the 6 in 1 protection that treats, hydrates, protects, evens skin tone, beautifies and brightens.

VELO has been developed as a Phase Inversion Bio-dynamical Emulsioncapable of transforming from an oil-in-water (O/W) to a water-in-oil (W/O) emulsion when warmed & manipulated between the fingers.

When this phenomenon occurs, VELO\'s velvet is unlocked:  the texture becomes silkier, the dermodispersibility of the active ingredients is improved, and the product becomes more hydrophobic, resulting in more resistance throughout the day.

VELO\'s luxurious velvet touch is innovatively achieved without the use of silicones.

UVB High Protection SPF 30 / UVA PA+++ / HE-VL / IR-A

Ocean-friendly – – Mineral photo-protector

6-in-1 Suprastratum Protection

Light, heat, wind, toxic substances, allergens, stress, pollution... our skin is constantly under attack by the exposome. The more exposure, the greater the appearance of spots, wrinkles, dryness, flaccidity and skin deterioration.

The latest generation of protection goes beyond merely shielding from light; it entails strengthening the skin\'s suprastratum, a superficial layer of the skin playing a vital role in its appearance and health.


  • VELO是一種創新配方,與皮膚接觸後,只需3個簡單步驟即可形成柔軟的絲絨面紗。

    1. 取大約兩隻手指的長度

    2. 按摩雙手並激活產品(質地會因摩擦而轉化)。

    3. 塗於面上及頸部。


    VELO, an innovative formula that, upon contact with the skin, creates a velvety cosmetic veil in 3 easy steps.

    1. Dispense the product along the length of two fingers

    2. Activate by massaging the product between your hands (the inversion of the emulsion occurs with the friction).

    3. Apply onto your, face, neck and décolletage.

    Use every morning. Activate the product and apply directly on clean skin. If desired may also be applied over an oil, serum or cream.

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