Ayuna Foaming Mesh 專用起泡網

現凡購買 ayuna SOAP 手工皂 (款式不限),隨即贈送專用起泡網乙個。客人只要把以上兩項產品放於購物車,在付款時輸入優惠碼: ayunasoap22 即可享用優惠!

ayuna 專用起泡網有著獨特網狀編織,配合手工潔面皂使用能產生濃密泡沫,能深入毛孔,撫平肌膚紋理,讓潔面過程變得更溫和有效。




One of the keys to cleansing the face, neck and décolleté in a gentle but effective way is to use a dense creamy foam. The best way to generate this is by using a foaming net.

This asian accessory transforms any facial cleansing routine into a simple and easy process thanks to its unique net-like weave. When using the net in combination with AYUNA soaps, a large amount of foam is generated. This not only makes the cleansing process more luxurious, but also more effective, as the foam is massaged into the pores of the face, smoothing and improving the texture of the skin.

Wet the net and rub the bar of soap between the palms of your hands and the mesh, this movement quickly generates a very fine dense foam. Next, hold the ring of the net with one hand and squeeze out the lather with the other. Now massage the foam into your face. At first do not let your hands touch the skin, and then finish with light circular movements. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry.

Once you have finished, rinse and leave to air dry.

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