AYUNA 限量版陶瓷忌廉 AYUNA terra Vegan Rejuvenating Treatment - Ultra-rich

- Size: 100 ml | 3.4 oz (double size)
Ayuna限量版陶瓷忌廉隆重登場!極緻奢華的幼滑面霜,是 Ayuna 神奇忌廉的全素全天然昇華版,以49%有機原材料配合高科技將綠胡蘿蔔、阿拉伯綿花及紅石榴等含有豐富植物肽及等離子體的植物細胞因子融入 AYUNA 的獨特配方,配合有長壽草之稱的薑黃根莖及崩大碗萃取精華,能顯著地提升肌膚細胞更新能力,維持肌膚應有彈性!Ayuna 陶瓷忌廉為期間限定生產,售完即止。

A limited edition, vegan, exquisite and highly nourishing formula presented within a ceramic jar. Just as skin is the most perfect and pure vessel that holds your inner being, ceramic is the most natural and respectful vessel to hold TERRA.


    • Terra的濃稠忌廉質地會輕易在您的指尖上推開,並於塗抹時完美融化到皮膚並迅速滲透。

      1/ 每天(早上和/或晚上)塗在清潔的皮膚上。用指尖輕柔地按摩臉部,頸部和鎖骨位置,包括眼睛,直到完全吸收為止。

      2/ 用雙手由下巴至眉心,再返回下巴,順著臉部輪廓以心形循環按摩臉部。

      3/ 頸部和鎖骨位置則從耳垂到鎖骨輕輕按摩,畫出一個U形。

      Terra's dense texture transforms on your fingertips and melts perfectly into the skin when applied, quickly penetrating.

      Apply daily - morning and/or night - onto cleansed skin. Using your fingertips, gently massage onto the face, neck and decollete, including the eye contour while performing a light I LOVE YOU massage until completely absorbed.

      Using both hands, draw the shape of a heart while smoothing your facial features. Descend towards the neck and follow the facial contour line towards the chin.

      For the neck and decollete, gently run hands from each earlobe towards the opposite collarbone, drawing a U-shape.

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