au NATURALE Super Fine Powder Shadow 極細緻滾珠眼影筆

- 1 gram

au NATURALE 極細緻滾珠眼影筆配方天然純淨但妝感強勢迫人!破天荒採用滾珠式筆頭令化妝新手都能輕易打造完美眼妝!

Our Super Fine Powder Shadow is pure in formulation and fierce in color play.


Ballet: 淡紫帶薰衣草底調 a soft mauve with lavender undertones. 
Gardenia: 微閃的極淺啡色 a semi-luster brown with golden undertones.
Mahogany: 帶棕調的閃亮藍灰色 a dazzling pearlescent blue-grey tint with brown undertones. 
Dahlia: 半亮麗金黃啡色 a semi-luster brown with golden undertones.
Copper: 銀銅色 a bold bronze with a dash of silver luster. 
Slate: 水銀深藍色 a cool metallic silver with blue undertones. 

  • 1/ 建議可直接將滾珠筆頭畫在眼蓋上或先將眼影滾在手背上再用指尖或眼影掃畫出妝感

    Our Advice: apply directly to your eyelid from the rollerball or roll powder onto the back of your hand before applying with our Cruelty-Free All Over Shadow or Angle Liner brush.

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