au NATURALE Colour Theory Creme Correctors 調色修容膏

- 3 grams

auNATURALE 調色修容膏以現代顏色中和理論,當兩種對立色調融合後便能中和想擊退的色調,幫助您更有效地遮蓋黑眼圈、紅印或其他面部瑕疵!

Our Color Theory Creme Correctors were designed using complementary color theory, [hues opposite to one another on the color wheel neutralize when mixed] in order to counter under eye circles, blemishes and other skin quirks.


Linen - 以粉紅及蜜桃色調提亮眼部,隱藏倦容,能有效打擊暗黑眼圈
perfect for brightening the eye area and hiding signs of fatigue. Pink and peach concealers are best to combat dark under eye circles.

Sweet Basil - 綠色能中和因暗瘡、疤痕、玫瑰痤瘡或曬傷而引起的紅印,令粉底效果更顯著
to neutralize any redness due to acne, scarring, rosacea, windburn or sunburn. Green concealers significantly reduce redness and give foundation an even base.

  • 1/ 能仿效專業化妝師直接將調色修容膏塗在臉部所需位置,或使用遮瑕化妝掃均勻推開,能平衡面上色素

    Play artist by applying directly from the stick or with our Cruelty-Free Concealer Brush. You’ll be left with a balanced canvas.

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