au NATURALE Angled Blush Brush 斜角胭脂掃

au NATURALE斜角胭脂掃的設計主要是掃在面上較突出的輪廓,有助完美地塗上光影和胭脂。將其高質的特級濃密合成掃掃在顴骨和一些陽光能照到的位置,使產品均勻並自然的分布在臉上,讓您擁有一個自然的妝感。正因斜角胭脂掃濃密的纖維,這支化妝掃也可用於臉部的凹陷處,形成完美的輪廓。


The Angled Blush Brush is designed to flow with the high points of the face, making it the perfect highlighting and blush brush. Its high grade, ultra plush synthetic bristles glide evenly over the cheekbones, dispersing product only where the sun would naturally hit the face, creating a very natural application. Because of the densely packed fibers, this brush can also be used in the hollows of the cheek to create a seamlessly blended contour.

High Grade extra dense synthetic fibers ensure incredible durability, indefinite lifespan with proper care, and can be used with liquid, powder and cream formulations. The Angled Blush Brush is composed of a luxurious synthetic fiber that is free of any animal hair making our brushes vegan, cruelty-free and hypoallergenic.

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