arbū Botanic Eden - The 7 Floral Wonders 七色奇蹟花水

- 100ml


Crafted with a delicate infusion of Orchid + Neroli Blossom, along with five other exquisite floral waters, "The 7 Floral Waters" toner is meticulously designed to gently tone + enhance complexion, boost hydration, and tighten the skin. This unique blend, comprising seven floral waters, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving overall skin tone and increasing circulation. Its captivating and unique scent lifts your mood and transports you to a timeless garden. 

  • 按需要直接噴於臉上

    Spray directly onto the face.

  • 1/ 杜松果花水 Juniperus communis Floral Water*

    2/ 白玫瑰花水 Rosa Alba Flower Water*

    3/ 橙花花水 Citrus Aurantium Amara Flower Water*

    4/ 玫瑰天竺葵花水 Pelargonium graveolens Flower Water *

    5/ 薰衣草花水 Lavandula angustifolia l. flower water*

    6/ 乳香純露 Boswellia carterii Gum Water*

    7/ 蜜蜂花花水 Melissa Officinalis Flower Water*

    8/ 甜菜鹼 Betaine^

    9/ 純水 Aqua+

    10/ 聚山梨醇酯 20 Polysorbate20

    11/ 甘油 Glycerin

    12/ 青瓜萃取 Cucumis Sativa fruit extract*

    13/ 苯甲酸鈉 Sodium Benzoate

    14/ 山梨酸鉀 Potassium Sorbate

    15/ 檸檬酸 Citric Acid

    16/ 香料 Parfum (French Orchid Blend) **

    17/ 水楊酸苄酯 Benzyl Salicylate

    18/ 香葉醇 Geraniol***

    19/ 芳樟醇 Linalool***

    20/ 檸檬油精 Limonene***

    * 認證有機成份 Certified Organic Ingredients

    ** 法國調配蘭花精油配方天然香料 French Orchid Blend Natural Fragrance

    *** 精油成份 Component of Essential Oil

    ^ 天然成份 Ingredients of Natural Origin

    + 青瓜萃取成份 Component of Cucumis Extract

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