UMA Perfectly Pure Soothing Baby Oil 完美純淨嬰兒呵護油

- 88ml

- Padmini - 的幼嫩肌膚,UMA 家族以最上乘的原材料調配出獨一無二的純淨嬰兒護膚油,除了滋潤公主的身體外,它獨特而自然的香氣更能舒緩她的心靈。過百年後,家族繼承人 Shrankhla 藉創辦 UMA將配方公諸於世,以百分百有機天然植物油將此皇室配方重現世人眼前,推出UMA 完美純淨嬰兒呵護油,讓寶寶沉醉於玫瑰、天竺葵、柑桔及薰衣草的香氣之中,牛油果油同時滋養寶寶最嬌嫩的每一吋肌膚!

This royal formula was created for what was most precious and beloved to the reigning king: the little princess Padmini. With no costs spared and using only the finest ingredients from lands near and far, we perfected this ultra-nourishing elixir to soothe and strengthen both her skin and mind. Centuries later, tales of Padmini’s beauty and wisdom endure – as do the legendary powers of this exquisite baby oil which is perfect as it is pure.

  • 1/ 在嬰兒沐浴後,將完美純淨嬰兒呵護油以打圈方式塗抹在嬰兒全身包括小肚子及背部

    After the baby’s bath, apply oil liberally in gentle circular motion all over the body, including the belly and back.

    2/ 以大型打圈方式按摩至呵護油被完全吸收

    Massage into the skin using long and circular strokes until the oil is absorbed.

    3/ 同時能輕輕按摩於嬰兒頭部及頭髮

    Can also be applied to the baby’s head and hair.

    * 建議按摩10-30分鐘 Recommended length of massage is anywhere between 10-30 minutes.

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