在2010年,SKIN & TONIC 創辦人Sarah被診斷患上子宮內膜異位症,此惡夢令她重新審視過去的生活方式決定,由身心重新出發,辭去電視台的職務,專心研發一系有機護膚品。SKIN & TONIC標榜簡單、誠實及有機。Sarah的團隊堅持每一樣產品均不會用多於7種原材料,希望帶給用家最簡單直接的護膚體驗。

In 2010 when she was diagnosed with endometriosis, Sarah realised that she needed to simplify her lifestyle and pay more attention to what she was putting into AND onto her body. She quit her career in TV and re-trained in Aromatherapy and Skincare Formulation. Skin & Tonic focuses on simplicity, honesty and ethicality. They create certified organic, sustainable skincare and use no more than 7 ingredients because they believe less really is more.

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