Ranavat Botanics Flawless Veil Illuminating Masque 完美面紗提亮面膜粉

- 2.82oz

提亮、潔淨、紓緩鎮靜。完美面紗提亮面膜粉能透過薑黃及甘草大大改善皮膚不均問題,幫助皮層更新,從此向暗淡皮膚說再見,迎接均勻光亮的膚色!此面膜中含有一絲絲珍貴的藏紅花,在皮膚上顯得閃爍耀眼,這個正正就是這面膜的原意 - 讓你在完美的面紗下閃閃發光。

Brighten. Clarify. Calm. Say hello to a beautifully even complexion as powerful raw powders work in harmony to uncover fresh skin and help kiss hyper-pigmentation goodbye.  Meanwhile golden flecks of saffron dance to life for skin that glows under a veil of perfection. 

  • 1/ 將約2茶匙面膜粉與半茶匙爽膚水 或 清水混合,直至形成濃郁的天鵝絨般的糊狀物。
    Mix approximately 2 teaspoons of masque powder with 1/2 teaspoon of tonique (or water) until a rich velvety paste is formed.

    2/ 大量的在臉部和頸部按摩,確保避免眼睛。讓面膜在臉上敷大約10-15分鐘令皮膚乾燥時恢復活力,然後用溫水徹底沖洗乾淨,再輕輕拍臉以完成您的皇室儀式。
    Massage a generous layer onto face and neck, making sure to avoid eyes. Allow about 10-15 minutes for masque to revive your skin as it dries. Rinse off completely with warm water and gently pat dry to complete your royal ritual.

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