在澳洲南岸壯麗的大自然環境中成長,Neighbourhood Botanicals 創辦人受媽媽啟蒙,對植物及草藥產生濃厚興趣。移居至倫敦後,繁忙的都市節奏及日夜顛倒的生活習慣令創辦人飽受精神折磨,身體亮起了警號令皮膚出現狀況,然而市面上卻沒有合心意的護膚油,逐與好友經過一年時間研發出一系列全天然、優質而價格相宜的護膚油。

Neighbourhood Botanicals was born from a childhood surrounded by lush nature and beaches on the south coast of Australia, with daily use of plants, herbs and natural products from a hippy mother. After a relocation to busy London, the environmental stress of the city took its toll on Micaela’s skin, the founder of N.B. She decided to make her own facial oils, containing only super nutritious naturally derived plant oils without unnecessary water or preservatives. The brand brings a playful, accessible and affordable edge to the burgeoning natural beauty industry.

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