MV Skintherapy Hand Rescue 金盞花護手霜

- 70ml

蘊含金盞花、玫瑰果、檀香及安息香,MV SKINTHERAPY 金盞花護手霜榮獲多項美容界手部及身體護理大獎,能極速滋潤及修護乾旱的雙手而不油膩。玫瑰果油卓越的抗氧化及緊緻功效眾所週知,配合含有極高β-胡蘿蔔素的金盞花油能加強護手霜的消炎功效,而安息香則能減輕皮膚過敏及修復傷口,以上強效的天然成份成就了MV  SKINTHERAPY 金盞花護手霜,除了用在手部外,更能用於腳部、手肘及膝頭。 

Enriched with Calendula, Rosehip, Sandalwood and Benzoin, this award winning moisturiser helps to soothe and repair dry, chapped skin and condition the cuticles. Hand Rescue contains Rosehip Oil, a recognised aid in the treatment of burns, premature ageing, dry, itchy skin conditions and sun-damaged skins. It also includes Calendula Oil, rich in beta-carotene which has anti-inflammatory properties and Benzoin used for centuries in the treatment of skin irritations and wounds. Hand Rescue can also be used on feet, elbows and knees for extraordinary results. 

  • 按摩於手部、手肘 、腳部或膝頭等乾燥地方。
    Massage into hands, feet, elbows, knees or any areas of sever dryness.

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