Max & Me The Intuitive 第六靈感 舒緩噴霧

- 100ml

形、聲、聞、味、觸,是我們與生俱來的五感。第六靈感噴霧,收集在大雨中擁抱花草的水元素,為肌膚灑上源源不絕的能量,安撫因水份流失而吐露出的鬱躁;把從大地吸取的氣息注入我們的感覺大門,誘發蘊藏於身體裡面奇妙卻無法形容的感覺-第六靈感。「第六靈感」會是您最美麗的靈感及護膚導遊,帶您貫穿Max & Me的護膚程序,將整個系列的體驗提升到極緻!

Shower skin and hair, soul and spirit with the luminous beauty and the calming relief of each and every joyous droplet. “The intuitive” knows how to handle it all: sensitive, finicky, challenging conditions will be delighted beyond measure by its soothing powers, inflammation prone complexions will be so relieved, thirsty skin will be quenched. Marvel also at how “the intuitive” creates more and more beauty in your life by bringing about a deeply calming, peaceful, tranquil mood, guiding you into your intuition and strengthening your inner voice.

  • - 在每個Max and Me的護膚程序前在頸部噴上「第六靈感」,幫助製造平靜感
    enter into each and every max and me ritual by spraying “the intuitive” around your head, allowing it to create stillness. 

    - 在使用護膚油或軟膏前先用「第六靈感」為皮膚保濕,幫助肌膚吸收護膚品
    dampen and moisten your face with “the intuitive” before applying the face oil or balm 

    - 混合 Beauty Balm 作乳化或與 Mask & Wash 一同使用,-*用它解決任何肌膚煩惱
    make an emulsion with beauty balm or mix it with mask & wash

    - 在炎炎夏日為您的一天帶來清新 (雪凍後使用,冰涼效果更佳)
    use as a refresher throughout the day during those hot summer months – ideally put it in the refrigerator for a cooling sensation. 

    - 噴上您的臉和全身
    apply on your face and your whole body, too. 

    - 光環噴霧:除了作為護膚品外,它對心靈、情感、意志力上都有顯著效果。它可以提亮肌膚、減低壓力、消除毛孔阻塞。當它噴進您的光環或周邊環境,它能有力地為您提供保護、平衡情緒,和淨化氣場的功效
    aura spray: goes further than skincare
with a deep effect on emotions, spirit and consciousness. It will brighten your outlook, ease the stress of transitional times, dispel blockages. When sprayed in your aura or into your surroundings, it is a powerful
tool for protection, grounding, balancing emotions and clearing the atmosphere.

    - 房間噴霧:享受它帶來的淨化能量、保護性氣場、平靜感。在開會或重要場合前噴上,您會對它帶來的平靜、專注力感到驚訝
    use it as a room spray: enjoying the clearing energy, the protective quality, the peacefulness it spreads. Before meetings and important talks, during conferences
– marvel at the centered, tranquil space it creates.

    - 頭髮噴霧:為你的秀髮注入水分,及驚豔的香氣
    enjoy as a hair mist: such a lovely way to infuse hydration into your mane and, oh, and this ravishing smell!

    - 您的旅伴:為您製造保護屏障、消除周邊負面能量,和為你的肌膚注入滋潤。所以無論您身在何處,確保以這具治癒性、保護性、靈性的草本噴霧,為您的酒店房間、枕頭、甚至機艙座位等噴上,消除因為旅行帶來的壓力
    your best travel ally: creating a protective shield, dispelling negative energies and infusing deep, deep hydration. So wherever you go, make sure to shower hotel rooms, sleeping pillows, even your place in the aircraft with this healing, protecting, peaceful botanical mist, releasing any travel-induced stress.


    - 枕頭噴霧:為您的身心靈帶來平靜; 「第六靈感」能帶您走進甜美夢鄉
    pillow spray: bringing about feelings of calm and well-being “the intuitive” can promote deep, restful sleep.

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