長年累月使用國際品牌的「高級」護膚品及化妝品後,LuLu & Boo 創辦人 Claire的面部皮膚變得極易過敏,惡劣的健康狀況迫使她辭去於一家高端國際化妝品牌擔任高級化妝師的職位,令她重新審視日常生活細節,從選擇有機食材開始到學習香氛治療,燃點出對有機護膚品的熱誠與追求,遂創立LuLu & Boo 希望能引起社會對有機驗證護膚品的興趣。

When ill health forced her to leave her career as a make-up artist with one of the world’s largest cosmetic houses, Claire (founder of LuLu & Boo) decided that it was time to change her way of life. Her skin had become extra sensitive to many of the products that she’d previously used on a daily basis, and she realised she had been starving her skin of the vital nutrients required to keep it healthy. Combining her earlier experience as a make-up artists and her extensive holistic training, creating an organic skincare and bodycare range was the natural next step, and Lulu & Boo Organics was born.

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