Lina Hanson Global Travel Kit 全效能旅行裝

帶著Lina Hanson 限量版全效能旅行裝探索世界各地吧!此獨一無二的旅行套裝有齊日夜所需的護膚品,讓您在旅途上無後顧之憂,由清潔、滋潤、甚至乎面膜都照料著!Lina 更特意飛往泰國北部,與清邁克倫部族的女仕合作,用人手編織限量版旅行袋,設計輕巧可愛,貫徹Lina Hanson 品牌的中心理念:簡單、精緻、全球化。

Explore the world with our Global Travel Kit- containing all the beauty essentials you need for your lifes adventure. This one-of-a-kind travel bag is handwoven by theKaren hilltribesin northern Thailand using sustainable eco-textiles and natural indigo dyes. Learn more about our artisan collaboration on our blog.

全效旅行裝內容包括 The Global Travel Kit includes

+ 人蔘潔面三重奏 Global Face Trio30ml ( 連同天然竹匙 bamboo spoon included )
+ 山茶花面部精華 Global Face Serum10ml
+ 珍珠抹茶眼頸悅容霜 Global Treasures10ml
+ 雲呢嗱身體精華 Global Body Serum30ml
+ 檀木香體油 Satori Perfume Oil Vial - 1ml


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