FIG + YARROW 是一個結合植物學與大地元素的全人手工藝製作護膚品牌。團隊受創辦人 Brandy Monique啟蒙,以博大精深的植物學為依歸,將西方醫學智慧配合中草藥療法,創造了多項獨特配方,調製出一系列有機天然護膚品,為用家帶來煥然一新的護膚體驗。

FIG + YARROW is an artisan line of small-batched, handcrafted organic health+vanity products born of a love affair with botanicals and various earth elements. Their whisperings have guided many unique formulations designed for sensual enjoyment, physical radiance and overall vitality. All the materials used--from the lovely and vibrant roots, leaves, flowers, minerals and oils to the glass containers the products live in--are selected for beauty, health and purity as they are designed to evoke these qualities of users.

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