Biophile™ Skin Bio Barrier Nourishing Oil 發酵綠茶籽美肌油

 - 30ml

護膚油當中獨特的配方是從已發酵的綠茶籽油作為主成份,它能以輕薄的質地迅速滋養、緊致和強化肌膚。發酵過的油能更快、更深層地滲透肌膚,在肌膚最需要的地方提供充足的抗氧化物和營養。五味子果萃取(一種古老的適應原)可有效地強化和緊致肌膚,而當中獨特的細菌糖脂質則可以用水來激活其成份,能有效鎖住水份,達致「飽滿、封存」的作用。Bio Barrier Oil 能保持皮光滑和柔軟。建議在濕透的皮膚上使用,以加強滋養效果。

Powered by Fermented Green Tea Seed Oil, this unique formula actively nourishes, firms and fortifies the skin with a smooth, lightweight texture. Fermented oil penetrates the skin faster and deeper, delivering supercharged antioxidants and nutrients where the skin needs it most. Shizandra berry extract, an ancient adaptogen, strengthens and firms the skin while a unique bacterial glycolipid activates with water to lock in moisture for a ‘plump and seal’ effect. Skin is left ultra-smooth, soft and radiant. Use on moist skin for enhanced balm-like effect.

82% 純植物製造(發酵製成)Bio Made (Fermentation-Derived)

Certified Cruelty-free, Vegan, and Gluten Free Skincare Products - Packaging Logos

  • 建議用於護膚最後一個步驟。將一至兩泵Bio Barrier Oil溫熱於手心,然後分別按在面部、頸部及胸口位置。在濕潤的肌膚上使用更能達致最佳效果。

    Use as a last step in your skincare routine. Warm 1-2 pumps into palms and press into face, neck and décolleté. Use over moist skin for enhanced effect.

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