Honua ALOHA Youth Serum 洛神花駐顏精華

- 30ml

Honua 洛神花駐顏精華能令你一次過探索夏威夷本土的草本養顏秘密,透過諾麗果、薑黃、洛神花及夏威夷紫草等獨特的草本配方令肌膚重現青春光芒,能同時保濕、舒緩及緊緻肌膚,其極度透薄的質地能立即滲透肌膚底層,適合任何肌性使用!

Honua ALOHA Youth Serum is a luminous serum created from a beautiful blend of unique Hawaiian botanicals. It is designed to hydrate, smooth, brighten, tighten and nourish the skin. It leaves skin dewy and fresh with turmeric, noni, comfrey leaves and hibiscus!

  • 1/ 擠出一粒豆大小的Honua 洛神花駐顏精華然後按摩於面部及頸部

    Apply a pea size amount of our ALOHA Youth Serum to your hand and gently lomi onto the face and decollate.

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