AYUNA Body Cream 益生菌水潤身體乳

- 200ml

Ayuna body cream 是一種豐富的日常身體護理體驗和享受。這款柔滑的乳霜為肌膚帶來深層的保濕,能有效地持續一整天。它富含細胞因子的來自諾麗果的等離子體以及乳酸菌的肽,是益生元混合物,能平衡微生物群並明顯改善皮膚。它強大的配方來自大自然最營養的脂質混合物:金盞花,以其舒緩和鎮靜的特性而聞名,玉米、蜂窩和荷荷巴蠟為皮膚提供抗氧化和所需的脂肪酸。

A luxurious, everyday body care experience. This silky, non-toxic cream drenches the skin with a layer of deep hydration that lasts through the day. Enhanced with a Plasma Rich in Cell Factors from Noni and Peptides from Lactic Bacteria, the result is a prebiotic blend that balances the microbiota and visibly improves the skin. The powerful formula is reinforced by a cocktail of nature’s most nutritive lipids: Calendula, known for its soothing and calming properties, and Zea Mays, plus honeycomb and jojoba waxes provide antioxidant and essential fatty acids to the skin.

  • 1/ 每天早上 或/及 晚上使用。建議以打圈的方式在腹部和臀部以及身體其他部位的上使用。

    Use daily in the morning and / or at night. It is recommended to apply the product using circular movements when going over the belly and buttocks and ascending motions on the other parts of the body.

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